Purpose of this blog

This blog is part of the process of developing a publication defining The New Mental Health and exploring new ways of delivering better mental health outcomes.

We are working from the premise “The Future is already here, it’s just not evenly distributed yet.”   The publication will include a number of case studies which will illustrate how The New Mental Health is already working and how it might be taken further.

This blog will share some of what we’ve found out and some of what we and other people have been thinking.

Areas we intend to explore include:

  • Coproduction
  • Peer services
  • Recovery oriented services
  • Where’s the money in mental health?
  • Ways of supporting innovation
  • Mental health in the community
  • Personalisation
  • Life during, and after, the cuts
  • Learning by doing
  • The role of non-medical mental health services in mental health outcomes

We start with the question: ‘How can we make sure that people with mental health difficulties are the ones that drive change?’

We’ve crowd sourced some of the money to do this work via Sponsume and from other supporters. It’s not quite enough but we’re going ahead anyway because we think The New Mental Health is vital to mental health in the UK.  If you can support us, we’d appreciate it greatly. We can accept financial support via paypal. Email us to tell us
whether you’d like to be listed on the supporters page.

If you want to talk to us about The New Mental Health or think that you’re already making it happen, get in touch via the contact us page

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  1. Anything about mental health helps towards raising awareness so i’ll look forward to reading future blogs 🙂

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