Who are we?

The New Mental Health is a project of Social Spider CIC, a small social enterprise based in Waltham Forest, London.  Social Spider is Mark Brown and David Floyd.

Social Spider are the publishers  and creators of One in Four magazine , the groundbreaking nation mental health lifestyle magazine written by people with mental health difficulties, for people with mental health difficulties.

In December 2011 Social Spider wrote ‘Better Mental Health in a Bigger Society?’ a thinkpiece commissioned by The National Mental Health Development Unit, funded by The NHS Confederation and published by The Mental Health Providers Forum.  This thinkpiece examined ‘Big Society’ ideas and found ways in which they might deliver better outcomes for people with mental health difficulties.  The New Mental Health is a development of this work.  Copes of ‘Better Mental Health in a Bigger Society?’ can be downloaded from the Mental Health Providers Forum website

Social Spider are:

Mark Brown ( @markoneinfour ) – Development Director / Editor, One in Four magazine:

Mark conceived and developed One in Four magazine, the lifestyle magazine written by peopel with mental health difficulties, for people with mental health difficulties.  Mark leads Social Spider’s mental health work.

Mark has a mental health difficulty himself.  He uses that experience as the fire that drives him.

Mark was shortlisted for the Mind Champion of the Year Award in 2010.  He is currently one of Community Care magazine’s top 60 social care tweeters.


David Floyd ( @davidsocialsp ) – Managing Director / Editor, Beanbags and Bullsh!t:
David develops and manages projects, both within Social Spider and working with partner organisations.  David likes getting things done. He is good at taking ideas and making them work in practice.  David has lots of experience of starting and running community projects and social enterprises in a variety of fields including media, the arts, homelessness and community consultation.

David is a Non-Executive Director of Inpress – the sales and marketing agency for independent publishers in the UK and Ireland, a trustee of  Voluntary Action Waltham Forest and Urban Forum, and a Fellow of the RSA and the School for Social Entrepreneurs.

2 Responses to Who are we?

  1. David Higham says:

    WHAT IS A THINKPIECE? Where do people come up with this jargon and why do they inflict it on the General Public? It is obviously never intended to be read by those it purports to be seeking the opinions of, and indeed, providing services for.

  2. David Dennis says:

    Very good. It is very helpful to have some pros and cons to focus on when learning what is happening in the mental health scenario – with so many cuts.
    I have forwarded your article to Mental Health Cop on Twitter.

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